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  These two books cover all facets of gemcarving from tool selection and fabrication to choosing gemstones, techniques for carving and polishing and research into carving styles of American Masters. Nowhere else is there this much information on Gemstone design and fabrication.

  If you don't have these, you're missing a lot of information.

Lapidary Carving for Creative Jewelry

Completely redesigned, revised and reformatted by The Desert Press!

• 2003 edition designed for Jewelry makers who want to carve their own stones
• Sharp new photos and many new drawings
• Convenient, fun book to work with
• Larger book - 197 pages

No matter what type of design you like or want to carve, you will need the techniques described in this book!

American Lapidary - Designing the Carved Gemstone

Studying over 20 World Renowned American Gemcarvers and Artists and their styles, Henry Hunt delves into Designing your gemstone, covering Angular Designs, Curvilinear designs, Lathe and Milling work, Lamination and Combinations, and he finishes by exploring all kinds of tool design from diamond grits to photography gear.

Much more information than my report suggests.

PRICE: $25.00 each / $45 for both

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