The Mt Mister Air / Water Control box is an infinately controllable air / water spray control unit for all your carving needs. Can go from all water and a small amount of air to a fine air / water spray.

  With just a water drip, you cannot see the detail of your carvings. That is OK for roughing out your carving or aggressive cutting, but with the finer detail, a water drip obliterates all detail in the carving.

  This is where the air / water spray excels, as it lubricates while allowing you to see all that fine detail.

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  Constructed with dental quality needle valves for years of use.

  Originally designed by the world renowned carver / sculpter, Thomas McPhee, we have produced the box for our customers.

  Just attach to a water and air supply and you are off to carving bliss......

PRICE: $175.00 plus shipping

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