Historically, the gem carver has always had to add additional diamond grit to the commercially available pastes to get them to work satisfactorily. We have found a manufacturer who supplies the lens grinding industry and they make a diamond paste that is truly super charged!

  Made from the standard greasy type formula, this polish has characteristics that make it stand out from the competition. Featuring an extra large helping of diamond grit (look at it under a microscope!) and a special formulation that keeps the diamond crystals from clumping, a major cause of frustrating scratches in the polishing steps.


  • Super fast action!
  • Super high concentration, no need to add extra diamond grit
  • Combination of natural and man made diamond grit
  • Paste compound designed to cling to the piece, less likely to be thrown off
  • Clean up with soap and water
  • Very economical

Grits available: 100, 240, 325, 600, 1,200, 3,000, 8,000, 14,000, 50,000 and 100,000

PRICE: $20.00 for 5 gram tube - OR - 6+ syringes for $18.00 each (mix and match)

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