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What is A Sintered Bur?
  True Diamond SINTERING is a process of manufacturing which incorporates extreme heat and pressure to bring about the cohesion of diamond particles and a metallic binder material. Each VARENKOR SINTERED DIAMOND INSTRUMENT is processed under tons of pressure and thousands of degree temperatures, for several hours, in metal molds.

  VARENKOR exclusively uses G E Superabrasives (man made diamonds) and four different, non-contaminating binders. VARENKOR chooses their metallic binders for the cutting characteristics they desire, not for a specific melting point.

  The results are solid matrix instruments of exceptional strength, which then are welded onto copper plated shank tips, and are finally finished and trued by computer machining. Guaranteed to satisfaction, each VARENKOR instrument has a solid, non-contaminating matrix which offers an aggressive and clean cut throughout the life of the instrument.

  In comparison, most so called sintered diamond burs are manufactured through a three minute INDUCTION process in which the matrix is compressed under only a few kilograms of pressure per square centimeter directly onto the shank (and often times on a blank shape) in graphite molds. Because of the lower temperatures & softer molds, the manufacturers are forced to pick the metallic binders due to the melting point & not the handling characteristics.

  This faster manufacturing process produces a more porous and a weaker sintered diamond amalgam having uneven wear characteristics, easily clogs, leave black marks, and are inefficient at grinding harder materials, such as tourmaline or sapphire.

  VARENKOR manufactures only the highest quality, truly sintered, solid matrix instruments.
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