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What is A Sintered Bur?

  We at Mountian Mist believe you will find VARENKOR burs to exceed your expectations. With proper care and usage your VARENKOR bur will last for many years while giving you continued service.

  To help utilize the burs to their full potential, we would like to give you several tips:

  A SINTERED bur wears down continually exposing new diamond particles, so if the bur wobbles, it will wear unevenly causing it to always be eccentric, or out of round. This condition is NOT WARRANTED!

  When the bur is not centered, it is cutting with less than half of the surface area available, which reduces the burs efficiency, and can possibly chip the workpiece.

  The SINTERED diamond head of the bur is made up completely of a diamond matrix. Because of this, the smaller bur shapes can be fragile and break if the handpiece is dropped or set down without care, or if too much pressure is used while cutting.

  Be very careful with the handpiece when not cutting. These burs can be used with or without lubrication and should last through many pieces when used with care.

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