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What is A Sintered Bur?
  Varenkor professional sintered diamond burs were originally designed for the Dental laboratory industry, which cuts everything dry, so they needed an extremely durable aggressive bur. Our burs will out-cut and out-last, many times over, regular diamond burs providing you with a wise economical investment.

  These burs feature a very aggressive cut coupled with a slow handpiece speed which reduces bur wear and heat buildup. These burs are made with monocrystalline US man made diamonds, produced by GE Superabrasives. These are professional burs and can not be compared to other low quality, inexpensive burs currently offered to the Lapidary and Dental fields.

Each photo below shows the unique characteristics that make up a Varenkor Bur. Click on a thumbnail to see full-sized photos and info about the various burs shown. A new window will open for each picture, close and return here after each one.

Close-up of an Electron Microscope image.

Close-up of the GE man-made diamonds
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