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  Mt. MIst Products is a company started in 1995 by Tom Hay and his wife Kim Clayton which is dedicated to providing the highest quality diamond products to the Lapidary trade.

  At the time, Tom had over 20 years experience in the Dental Laboratory trade and so had a vast amount of experience in grinding and polishing. Dental Ceramics are basically feldspar and they grind and polish in much the same manner as gemstones. Because of his years of experience in metal casting, he liked to make gold and silver jewelry in his free time, and had always been interested in gemstones and using them in his creations. He loved collecting gems and minerals.

  Gemstone carving was a natural extension of his job of carving teeth and he used dental tools instead of the cheaper tools normally available to the Lapidary trade. Seeing a need for high quality instruments in the Lapidary trade, he sought and obtained a dealership for some of the highest quality sintered diamond tools in the world.

  In the Dental Field, time is much more valuable than a few dollars saved on cheap tools. Cheap tools can actually waste a lot of time while never doing the job quite right. So a commitment to quality tools - while they do cost more -saves so much time and does such a better job faster and easier, that they make you much more money than your initial investment.

  Kim has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from West Virginia University and a love of the outdoors, rocks and gems. For a while she pursued a degree in Geology and thus has a diverse background. She assists in the management and marketing of Mt. Mist products and is a jewlery designer and novice gem carver.

  In 1999 Tom and Kim added another "Gem" to their family business: Beryl Ann, their daughter.

  With these ideals in mind, Mt. Mist offers you the best diamond burs and polishing compounds and pastes available worldwide.

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