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What is A Sintered Bur?

  Thank you for visiting our website which features some of the premiere Sintered Diamond burs in the world along with diamond polishing compounds, diamond drills, bristle brushes, gem carving aids and tools. We also sell the new Super Polish, a ultra-high concentration diamond polish.

  If you are interested in durable quality tools to help save you time and increase your productivity, while helping you effortlessly execute your design, you are at the right place.

  Our products can be used to grind, carve and polish dental appliances, rocks and gemstones, glass, ceramics and a range of metals from soft to hard.

  Mountain Mist offers bur shapes and cutting characteristics that no other company offers, with grits from 60 to 600.

 Inside the website you will find the following:

• We now have 2 NEW Books by Author Tom Harmon.

• Take our Gem Carvers Quiz and see how good you are!

• See our line-up of new products!!
Felt Wheels
Phenolic & Leather Points
Stainless Steel Mandrels

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